The Engagment – Jeremy’s Version

Lea and I officially began dating on January 6, 2006 when I took her to see the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe at the movie theater followed by a coffee at Starbucks! Since then it has been an exciting journey! Obviously you are most interested in hearing the story of the engagement itself but it is worth while mentioning how this thing all began almost 4 years ago. I can remember thinking to myself just a few months after we started dating that Lea would be the one that I would marry. Before very long discussions of spending our lives began to be a pretty regular part of our discussions. We both agreed that we would not marry until Lea finished her four year degree at Lancaster Bible College. We also agreed that we would not have one of those 2 or 3 year engagements!

So just a few weeks ago I got very serious about finding the ring and making the final plans to ask Lea to marry me! I ended up going and designing a ring with the help of Carole from Brent L Miller Jewelers. I would highly recommend this Jeweler. The experience and service was fantastic! Anyway, there are obviously hundreds of ring designs available today. I knew that I wanted something simple but something that was a little unique. Thankfully I was able to find that combination!

On Friday November 6, 2009 I left the office early to go pick up the ring and do some final preparations for the special day! I had arranged with Lea earlier in the week that we would go on a photo-shoot. We had been hoping to get some fall photos, and with me getting a new camera (Canon 7D) it seemed to be the perfect set up! Thankfully Lea had an appointment at school and a planned shopping trip in the afternoon, this gave me access to ask Phil (Lea’s Dad) for permission to have Lea’s hand in marriage. Not more then 30 minutes before Lea arrived home I had a special and meaningful conversation with Lea’s Father where he granted me permission to ask Lea to marry me!

Lea arrived to her house where she met me and we headed out on our photo-shoot. We headed to seven streams just a few miles from her house. This is a place we had hiked before, in fact it is the place we went on our very first hike together. As we walked along the path we took many photos of each other individually and with the two of us using the handy dandy tripod. Realizing that it was getting dark rather quickly I made a suggestion to climb a hill. We climbed the hill so that we could get to more light. Once at the top of the hill we proceeded to take many more photos and enjoy the setting sun. After Lea almost hurried me along by finding the ring in my coat pocket I got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. And of course, she said YES! After dating for 46 months to the day we were finally going to get married! You can read Lea’s version of the engagement by clicking here.

We took many more photos and celebrated this special day. You can see a gallery of photos by clicking here. When we arrived back at the car I had a dozen red roses awaiting her arms. We quickly scurried to her house to share the news and excitement with her family and then our friends via many exciting phone calls. Besides the question “when are you getting married” the most common response was “finally!” Finally indeed, we are engaged!


The Engagment – Jeremy’s Version

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  1. Congratulations Son! Yippee – I am going to have a daughter-in-law! I am looking forward to watching you on this journey. Know that God is with you and so am I!

    Momm Denlinger November 16, 2009 at 12:00 pm #
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