Jamaicin’ Me Crazy!

After these crazy snowstorms, I have become more and more eager for warm weather. And this eagerness has made me think many times about my next tropical adventure-our honeymoon! Jeremy and I realized that we have not blogged about the honeymoon yet, although it was one of the first big decisions we made during our engagement.

In early December, we started thinking about where we should go on the honeymoon, because, let’s be honest, it’s one of the best parts of wedding planning. Jeremy’s only input was that he wanted a very relaxing trip. I had dreams of snorkeling again, because that was my favorite thing we did in Hawaii. However, our finances made it look like we would be taking a short trip to the mountains or a local beach. But…Thanks to a generous gift from Jeremy’s Grams and Gramps, we will be venturing to Sandal’s Royal Carribean Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica!!!

Our friends Adam and Melissa told us about their incredibly relaxing, fun and pampered honeymoon at a Sandals resort, so we decided to pursue an all-inclusive resort. We met with our friend Sherry, who is a travel agent and owns her own business Jenkins Travel. And I definitely recommend working with a travel agent, because they take care of all the details and hook you up with some serious perks. All that Jeremy and I have to do for our  trip is pack our bags and show up at the airport-the rest is taken care of. And Sherry hooked us up with some free spa cash…I will be loving the massages!  Plus we were informed that we will definitely be able to snorkel, and have lots of relaxing time!

We are both very excited for our first vacation together to celebrate our marriage. And we feel so blessed to be able to have another tropical adventure together!!

Oh yeah, and today is officially 4 months until the BIG DAY!


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