Buying our first home

Lea and I are excited to say that we have found our home! We have spent the last few months dreaming and searching online for our first home. We made a list of our likes and dislikes along with things that were non-negotiables. became one of Lea’s favorite websites. Every Sunday afternoon for the last few months she would recap her latest findings. Within the last few weeks we enlisted the help of our friend, and Realtor Randy Williams. Prior to our involvement with Randy we only looked at one other house in person, one we nicknamed after it’s address “1924”. Within the first few days of receiving the latest listings in our target area we found a house worthy of a visit. To be completely truthful Lea had definitely had her eyes set on 1924 and most of the other houses we had looked at online were being compared to the positives and negatives of that house. With some encouragement, I feel we both walked into 417 Woodhall Drive with excitement, but fresh and open eyes. It was apparent within the first few steps into the mud room and the large kitchen that this house had some serious potential. Lea and I walked into the dinning room and living room and I am pretty sure that was when it was quite clear that this was it. As you can see by some of the photos it’s wide open. Lea and I love the idea of having our friends and families over for get-togethers, so space for entertaining was a must! We visited the house on a Thursday evening and by Sunday our offer had been accepted.

When we look back at the list of things we would want in a house it is amazing how they have been fulfilled in this place we will soon call home. Not only does it have one porch, but two! The kitchen not only has one sink but two; this is important for a couple that loves to cook, but doesn’t always work well together when trying to make a big meal! The house was built in 1920 which Lea loves and the first floor has been updated, which I love. There are three bedrooms, and an office which is perfect for our plans today and in the future. The house definitely needs some work, but hey, what house doesn’t? Most of the work is cosmetic like painting, landscaping, and a little updating, but those are the things that will allow us to make it our home. We are excited to have a place to live, especially with the wedding date quickly approaching. Hopefully I will move in shortly after we settle on April 9. We will have plenty of work to do in order to get the house ready for living by June 12, 2010. We look forward to having our friends and family over to see the place! Take a look at the photos below, note that these photos were taken during our inspection.

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Buying our first home

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  1. Congrats Guys! Looks like a great first home! Let us (or me…) know if you need any moving help!

    Darin Zook March 8, 2010 at 12:57 pm #
  2. Jeremy & Lea,
    It is so cute! And lots of cabinets in the kitchen! What a great place for you guys to start your live together! I am so happy for you. Donna

    Donna March 8, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

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