2 days, 1319 photos

Day 5 began at the ripe hour of 5:00 a.m. Why so early, you ask? We were headed to church…our church was propped in “Window Arch” as we watched God paint the sky with a sunrise and the rocks bright red. Another day beginning in Arches. It was stunning, humbling, refreshing. My thought was, “is there anything he can’t do?” This thought crossed my mind just as the sun peaked over the mountains. At that very moment, our iPhone alarm went off prompting us to be in prayer with a friend in the East who would be praying for a miracle in her life that morning. So we prayed, reflecting on God’s precise timing and the promise that there is nothing beyond Him. Good church service.

We continued our morning in Arches, hiking and capturing photos of most of the popular arches. We spent a lot of time in The Devil’s Garden area. Jeremy took a lengthy hike to the awesome “Double O Arches”. I opted to stay back as this hike threatened of steep drop offs. My fear of heights kept me back from the views, but I was able to soak in the scenery and chat with other acrophobic spouses. Some anxiety came over me after 2 hours of waiting and a number of passersby who mentioned that people have fallen off of the cliff and died on this trail (who says that to a worrying spouse?)! It was apparently an intense hike, and I was grateful to be reunited with Jeremy on his return. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and continued exploring until mid-afternoon. Some of our favorite spots we were able to explore, involved The Double O, Landscape, Skyline and Turret arches. For dinner, we tried out the Moab Brewery. It was early to bed after a full day.

This morning we took the journey to Goblin Valley State Park. This park is about two hours from Moab and has a reputation for being quite unique. The photos below testify to the wild “goblins” that fill the park. Wandering through them feels otherworldly. In fact, I heard that this park was the set of a science fiction, alien movie. The squawking ravens resting in the goblins add to the eeriness. Jeremy was snapping away, and I was naming the different shapes we passed. It is incredible what rocks can do! We arrived back to the hotel in time for a nap (Jeremy) and swimming (me). Dinner was at a yummy restaurant in downtown, Zax. After dinner, it was back to Arches to catch the sunset. I am quickly learning that this photo expedition is all about morning and evening light. 🙂 We are having a blast…and squeezing in a few moments of rest too. Speaking of rest, I’m off to catch some shut-eye so that I’m ready for our first white water rafting experience.


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