Vacation Recap

Our last Sunset in Arches

We are in the air, on our way to Baltimore as I write this post. Today has been a full day of travel, so nothing exciting to share. Unfortunately we have had some more flight issues. We have not been impressed with American Airlines one bit. All four of our flights were delayed on this trip, and two of our planes have had mechanical issues where we had to change planes. I think this is the most challenging travel we have ever experienced. Oh well…just a loss in some vacation time, and we’ll probably never choose to fly with American again. We know that planes can have issues but, it’s how the airline handled the problems that left the distaste. Since we have not done anything new today, you’re probably wondering “why the post?” We want to wrap up the post with a statistical overview of our journey out West. Now, neither of us are statisticians but, we think these numbers are fun to chronicle:

Miles driven: 1791
States visited: 3
Trails hiked: 17
Parks visited: 4
Great Mexican meals consumed: 3
Breweries visited: 3
Awesome local beers downed: 2 (I’m a light weight)
Scenic byways driven: 5
Natural hot spring pools tested: 9
Types of creatures observed: 8 (lizards, jackrabbit, mule deer, bats, kangaroo rats, chipmunks, many birds)
Sunrises captured: 2 (4 total attempts)
Rainy days: 1.5 out of 12
Sunsets captured: 7
Named arches viewed: 19 (plus many more we didn’t know the name of. But we barely scratched
the surface of the 2,000+ in Arches)
Stars observed from the desert floor: wayyyy too many to count
Photos taken: 2,961

What an adventure we’ve had. If you’ve taken time to read a post or two and check out our photos, we hope it was enjoyable. We thought blogging would be a perfect way to journal our time on vacation. We highly recommend a trip to this beautiful and unique part of the U.S. We’d be happy to share more photos, stories and brochures with you. We were grateful for our friends Chris, Jessica and Sophia who have taken similar trips and offered lots of tips to help us plan. Also thanks to Carol for holding down the fort and taking care of Mr. Reuben while we were gone. It has been exciting, refreshing, worshipful and a lot of fun! And honestly, we are sad to be headed home. See you on the much flatter, moister ground of Lancaster soon!

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