Crazy Few Weeks – Dossier in Uganda, Pig Roast, & China

Oh my! Where to begin? It has been a crazy few weeks here. Since our last update, our dossier made it to Uganda. Woohoo! The next word from Bethany will be when they have identified a child for our family. What a day that will be. In the last post we indicated that it should be about 12 months until this match happens. News flash: we can now expect to wait closer to 6 months. What!? Yes. Now, as I like to always remind you…international adoption loves to change, always. It can’t make up its mind. So be prepared for more changes in every post. But for now, we prepare for a shorter time frame. For the planner, task-oriented, anxious spouse, panic struck. For the steady-eddy, level-headed, eager spouse, he proclaimed, “What! This is so exciting!”

Pig RoastAlso since our last update, we hosted 250 friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, church family and strangers in our backyard for the coolest pig roast celebration ever! Thank you for everyone who took time to join us. We were so encouraged by your presence and support. We had such an incredible time pulling off this party, but it would have been impossible without our amazing friends Melissa, Sarah and Lynnea who helped us plan this for the past few months. We love you all and can never repay you for your generosity and encouraging spirits. We are also enormously grateful to our parents, friends, small group and family members who gave abundant hours of time volunteering to make it all happen. You were so fun to work with and make it run seamlessly. We were told by a number of people that they couldn’t have imagined any way it could have been better. And thanks to God for one of the most beautiful days of the year!

The Great Wall

Oh yeah, another little thing that happened in the past 3 weeks is that I took a trip for work where I was able to meet 90+ kids in two orphanages to learn their stories and bring it all home to find them families. What an opportunity it was. I have this family journal I keep to document all the excitement of our little Denlinger family. It’s written to our future kids, and this is what I wrote about my trip:

This was my first time in a orphanage and the first chance to be face-to-face with the kids I’m working so hard for. Many times my heart was so broken. Overall, I realized more than ever, no matter how positive the circumstances, there is no thing like a permanent, loving, committed family. Nothing. There are few people I know who can say that there is not a single permanent person to support them throughout life. Almost all of us have someone…I have so many someone’s to get me through all of life’s mountains and valleys. The hard reality is that a child in an orphanage has no permanent person to walk beside them. No one. Being faced with this very real truth, I am inspired to work harder and to trust God more for the results. I am compelled to bring you home sooner than ever and to trust God for our family’s future. I wonder what your orphanage is like. They are all so different. I pray someone takes time to meet your basic needs and show you affection. I pray you experience moments of joy and childhood. I can’t wait to get you in our safe, forever home where you are known completely and loved to the core. We’re coming soon!

Check out our gallery of photos from the Pig Roast here.



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