The Sweet Wait

The Sweet Wait

Waiting is not a naturally enjoyable activity. It can be especially hard for those who like planning, organization, predictability and being prepared. Certainly glad Jeremy and I don’t like those things! 🙂

Through chatting with one of my dearest friends, I’ve been reflecting on the sweetness of waiting. In our narrow, short-term minds, waiting is draining and wearisome and pointless. But to a big-picture God, it is a very specific season for transformation and preparing us.

During the Christmas season, we often think of the generations who waited, longingly for a Heavenly King who would rescue them. We think of that final, miraculous moment of heaven meeting earth as, surprisingly, this King came as a tiny, vulnerable baby. What kind of plan is a newborn King? Nothing we could dream up on our own, that’s for sure! All the waiting finally had meaning. And I’d imagine in the joy of that miraculous moment, the believers of that day reflected back on the waiting their ancestors had endured for generations.

Mary absolutely reflected on her waiting. The birth of her Son validated those nine months of pouring everything she was into this hope of a promise. In her Magnificat, Mary thinks of the mercy that has been shown to many generations as they waited for this coming King. Both Simeon and Anna were faithful saints hanging onto the hope of the promise of a coming King. They embraced the waiting with sensitive and trusting spirits. How they rejoiced when they learned their waiting was not in vain. After the birth of Jesus, I imagine their eyes were opened even more to what God had been doing in the years of waiting.

And now I think of how we wait for our King to come and reign forever on this earth. He will come to set all things right and to show us how to truly live and love and care for this world. I am more eager than ever for His Kingdom to come fully on earth. But in the meantime, we wait. The waiting is not a stagnant, apathetic loafing around. It is instead an active movement of seeking and being transformed…it is doing all we can to prepare for and bring about the climax of the great plan He’s working out through all of history.

Waiting during an adoption is not so different from all this other waiting. When you ask us, “what’s new with the adoption?” And I reply, “nothing.” That is far from true. God is so actively preparing us in big and small ways for parenting this little one we are journeying to. He knows how many days we have to go until we meet our child, and He plans to use those days to transform us. It is our prayer that we would be vulnerable, attentive and obedient so He can shape us in all the ways He desires. Waiting is hard and strange and tiring….but it is so sweet. It is sweet because we must rest daily in the arms of our all-knowing Father as He strengthens and shapes us for the journey we’re on.


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