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I Am Israel

I Am Israel

When I reflect on this three year adoption process so far, I see waves of provision, both practical and spiritual. But embarrassingly the journey is marked by many moments of my doubt and bitterness that God’s plan doesn’t look like mine. Lately it feels like people around us are starting to question this path too. […]

Hardly a Lonely Journey


When we began the adoption process, I remember a number of conversations between us about how we might experience loneliness during the journey, how we had no family and few friends who have adopted and can relate. We mentioned the challenge that nearly all of the adoptive families I know work with Bethany so we […]

The Sweet Wait

The Sweet Wait

Waiting is not a naturally enjoyable activity. It can be especially hard for those who like planning, organization, predictability and being prepared. Certainly glad Jeremy and I don’t like those things! 🙂 Through chatting with one of my dearest friends, I’ve been reflecting on the sweetness of waiting. In our narrow, short-term minds, waiting is […]

Restorer of the Broken

Fig Leaf

God has been whispering a sweet, repetitive melody in my hear for a few months, “Please trust me. I promise I am making all things new. And I am most faithful.” Just a year ago I found myself fed up with the way this world appeared to be going and doubting Anyone was moving in […]

Let the Waiting Begin…

Lea Paperwork

This week we are breathing a big ole sigh as we have finally accomplished all of the major adoption paperwork. I can’t emphasize how big of a deal this is…it’s a huge leap closer to having our little one home. Approved home study, check. Dossier compiled and in the mail, check. Submitted immigration approval paperwork, […]