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Personal & Family life of Jeremy and Lea Denlinger.

I Am Israel

I Am Israel

When I reflect on this three year adoption process so far, I see waves of provision, both practical and spiritual. But embarrassingly the journey is marked by many moments of my doubt and bitterness that God’s plan doesn’t look like mine. Lately it feels like people around us are starting to question this path too. […]

Hardly a Lonely Journey


When we began the adoption process, I remember a number of conversations between us about how we might experience loneliness during the journey, how we had no family and few friends who have adopted and can relate. We mentioned the challenge that nearly all of the adoptive families I know work with Bethany so we […]

Vacation Recap

We are in the air, on our way to Baltimore as I write this post. Today has been a full day of travel, so nothing exciting to share. Unfortunately we have had some more flight issues. We have not been impressed with American Airlines one bit. All four of our flights were delayed on this […]

The End of a Great Adventure

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of this great adventure. Time sure zooms by when you are exploring and relaxing with your best friend. The last two days were a perfect finale to end our time in the adorable and adventure-filled town of Moab. Thursday began with our last sunrise experience in […]